VALACLAVA flips the switch to “On” at the On/Off at London Fashion Week

VALACLAVA flips the switch to “On” at the On/Off at London Fashion Week

03/21 — 2023

The latest digital fashion trends in the metaverse and Web3 arrived to London on February 17th, where our most recent VALACLAVA capsule collection was revealed.

Our destination? Road to Vabylon. But to know our story, we have to start from the beginning, so take the road with us and get to know all about On|Off London Fashion Week and our new collection


What is On/Off at London Fashion Week?

Since its inception in 2002, On/Off explores the juncture where physical artifacts and their digital representations co-exist to foster creative possibilities, supporting the transition from reality into fantasy and back again, with the metaverse and its endless possibilities.


Valaclava’s at On/Off

VALACLAVA merged the lines of physical and digital fashion and brought a nonconformist and innovative approach to the industry.

As soon as we touched down in London, it began. We edged the streets with our posters. We took the opportunity to unite the physical and digital fashion worlds, on and off-screen, inside and outside the event.

Road To Vabylon Collection on the streets of London


We left our mark on the streets of London and then seized the opportunity we wanted to conquer the fashion world at the On/Off event.

Challenges of the fashion industry paired with the rise of phygital fashion motivated us to develop this renegade collection with a limited production run. Three looks were created to tell the first three chapters of our own narrative.

Off-screen, the models walked an entirely new sort of green screen runway, with cameras capturing their movements so that on screen their digital twins could interact with them. 

Road To Vabylon Collection at On | Off London Fashion Week 2023 
Picture Credit: Old Ogunshakin / Chris Yates Media

All about Road to Vabylon

In the creation of the first look - One Must Consume To Understand - you can find an introspective tone about the consumerist nature. As a society, our behavior tends to swing from one end of the spectrum to the other, ranging from vowing to stop consuming, to eating up the marketplace entirely. The truth is: extremes will not fix anything.

Is it not more important to curate what we consume rather than devour what we believe we require?

First Look: One Must Consume To Understand 
Picture Credit: Old Ogunshakin / Chris Yates Media


So, we know the industry has also comfortably evoked itself out of cultural and political conversations, revoked its own ingenuity and criticism, is unwilling to ask uncomfortable questions and is averse to being the change it wants to see in the world, or following those who do.

We know some exceptions lack any or all of these traits. We know not everyone is standing still. Not everyone is numb, and there are constant pulls of individual efforts. We know there are costs involved in getting out of stasis.

With vehement certainty and vigor, we want to be part of those who chart the new course and ask the hard questions. 

Second Look: Ask The Hard Questions
Picture Credit: Old Ogunshakin / Chris Yates Media


Asking the hard questions made us come to a mix of the two previous designs: a clash of adaptable parts, content, and 3D allusive prints.

The puzzle is unraveled because, sometimes, some answers are built into the questions. The key to everything is not in the genesis, virtual vs physical, but in the freedom of creation and ownership.

Yes, call us creators, not consumers.

Third Look: The Answer Is Built-In Feature
Picture Credit: Old Ogunshakin / Chris Yates Media


Our times and the ones ahead are such hypotheses rather than axioms – times of works in progress – unfinished, oxymoronic, maybe violent works – made with the fabric in one hand, and the digital tools of the present in the other. These works are not to be assessed according to the traditional canons. They will need a new reality theory (or multiple realities) to occur. 

We know our road will not be easy. But we believe it is worth it, so we want to tell you the whole story.

Take the Road to Vabylon with us and explore the renegade collection here.

 On/Off LFW 2023 Digital Fashion NFT Collection

Brand New Vision, BNV, a fashion and 3D product creation company, enters further into the Metaverse with a unique Digital-Wearable NFT drop - a Mystery Box, where you can find one of nine exclusive items designed by VALACLAVA, Taskin Goec and Oscar Keene.

Picture Credit: BNV


In case you get a Valaclava design in your Mystery Box, here is the loot of perks we'll cover for you:

- Join VLCV CLVN (Discord exclusive channel) to receive sneak peaks for future collection, special offers and all the latest news;

- Access to waitlist on our renegade collection drop;

- 1 poster of your choosing from the Road to Vabylon capsule graphics;

- Digital album of @conferenciainferno;

- Virtual get-together with VLCV Collective to be scheduled directly with the team; 

- 20% discount at @swearlondon on AIR REV Collection.

This is For Real. 

Get your Digital Wearables here.


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