A Brand

For The


By The Clan

We are a next-generation collective of fashion designers, builders, and rule-breakers. Carefully designed in the metaverse & born in web3, VALACLAVA is redefining what it means to be an authentic brand. In the CLVN you find your kind of people - creative, extreme, loyal, driven, and ineffable. Different from any traditional fashion, VALACLAVA is foremost

driven by our community-first mindset. Every one of us brings our own stories, passions, and dreams. VALACLAVA is here to connect us and nurture the finest culture, rooted in a love for fashion, gaming, and crypto-art that is built both with supreme artistic provenance in the metaverse, as well as in the real world.

How does it work?

  • choose your garment

  • customize your product

  • get your nft

  • wait for your unique physical garment

  • join the clan

Each Purchase includes

digital assets

  • 4K rendered image

  • 4K rendered animation


  • Exclusive access to VLCLV CLVN (Discord channel)

  • Early access to drops

  • Access to members-only virtual and physical events

  • Opportunity to collaborate and vote on new designs

  • Opportunity to activate the creation of an exclusive digitally tailored photo

product passport

  • Product ID

  • Product Description

  • Product Series#

  • Provenance



  • Q2 2022
  • Q3 2022
  • Q4 2022

Phase 1

  • Building the team and the tech stack

  • Soft-launch of Valaclava Shop with the Infinity Collection

  • Activation of the Valaclava CLVN

Phase 2

  • Full-launch of the Valaclava Shop

  • Call of Duty Drop and new partnerships announcements

  • Community starts participating in the next drop design iterations

Phase 3

  • AR Experiences and Tailor-made digital photos/animations

  • Skins for metaverse experiences

  • IRL and URL events

A Little about the NFT's

  • #001

    NFTs have been circulating on the blockchain for some time now

    They are unique digital goods purchased with cryptocurrencies. The tokens serve to signify ownership of objects in a variety of markets including art, video games, fashion, and music.

  • #002

    The NFT guarantees sole ownership of digital assets to an individual

    An NFT can be purchased for a set price, but because it is often in limited quantities, its value can fluctuate based on supply and demand.

  • #003

    The NFT creates digital scarcity where none existed before

    However, there may be a quality deeper and more meaningful than scarcity, and that is proof of authenticity and ownership..

  • #004

    The NFT reduces The risk of fraud By storing all relevant data on the blockchain

    That's a great example of how blockchains can go far beyond their source code to affect people's value of tangible, real-world goods.