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VLCV Enchantress Dress


Ultra-rare cyber-physical unique apparel


Fitted dress with sophisticated ergonomic construction.

The 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane blend rib offers comfort and a luxury feel to this design.

The turtleneck detail adds more style to your look.

Model avatar is 173cm and usually wears size S. This product fits true to size so she is wearing size S for a slim, performance fit.

  • unique nft properties

    When you purchase a physical product, you'll get the digital version as an NFT to mint, sent directly to your inbox.

    Our garments are tagged with unique scannable tags that unlock a bespoke digital platform that displays the digital twin of the garment. As a digital passport, it gives you all the information you need about your product, from provenance, traceability, authenticity, rarity level, and ownership. The digital passports will bring together all product-specific data into one place available at any time at the click of a button. This NFT will work as proof of who owns the garment and grant access to the Valaclava Clvn to the holder.

    1 - Scan the coin-shaped tag on your garment using the NFC reader feature on your phone

    2 - Download our app and scan the tag scan with the camera on your phone

    3 - Unlock your product’s unique digital passport and verify the authenticity

    4 - Check back whenever you need

  • Customization

    Create something uniquely yours by being the designer of your own garment. With every design, you have the option to customize it with hundreds, if not thousands, of possible variations.

    From adding or removing design elements, to picking all-over prints, to deciding about placed prints over embroidery, we are excited to see what you come up with.

  • Materials and tech

    We are constantly refining our product offering, making improvements, and pursuing new fabric innovations to bring forward the best possible collections. We want every product to communicate the care and commitment we put into it and provide a connection to the mindset our brand is built on.

    The vast majority of our products are developed by our manufacturing and production team in Portugal, where they take part in a longstanding cultural tradition of premium craftsmanship and workers receive a living wage. Portugal also has many specialized fabric mills, where we are able to work with the teams to develop our custom technical materials. Our Portuguese teams are the reason we are able to innovate such unique products while maintaining our rigorous standards.

  • Sustainability

    With each VALACLAVA piece, we consider the environmental and social impacts across the entire life cycle.

    By employing Made-to-order, 3D Digital Design and circularity, we want to minimize resource consumption, eliminate waste and extend the life of our products.

    We’re rethinking our product design, operational processes, industry standards, and our partnerships to ensure we are working in the most ethical and sustainable way possible. Through the use of 3D design and our made-to-order model of production, we make sure to produce only what is sold, meaning that we don’t have to deal with unsold inventory that goes to sales or waste.

  • shipping info

    We ship worldwide, except for Russia. All orders are shipped out Monday - Friday. Orders placed Friday - Sunday will be shipped out the following Monday/Tuesday.

    We don’t keep stock. All Valaclava pieces are made-to-order. Everything is produced precisely to our client's orders and it takes up to 21 days for an item to be completed and shipped.

    Tracking information is automatically sent to the email address you provide at checkout.

  • scarcity

    VALACLAVA Infinity collection is a collection of 8,000 NFTs, composed of 8 base garments with 1000 units per garment - developed by an anonymous team of fashion mavericks - that can be combined in hundreds of unique ways.

    For every garment bought we assign a rarity level. Let’s say you buy the first hoodie of the collection, your product will be assigned as #0001/1000. If you buy the last one available, you will own the #1000/1000.

    VALACLAVA ultra-rare garments give you membership access to CLVN. There you will have a two-way conversation and participation in our moves. It starts with exclusive gamewear and design collabs, NFT drops, live events, and much more that will be revealed over time.

    The CLVN is a corner of the internet where fashion, gaming, community, and culture fuse to create magic. The lines between the physical and digital worlds are blurring and the rules are being rewritten.