The Future of Fashion: VALACLAVA at Metaverse Fashion Week

The Future of Fashion: VALACLAVA at Metaverse Fashion Week

04/13 — 2023

Just like fashion itself, digital fashion is also evolving and adapting to the modern world.

This year, we saw a unique twist on traditional fashion as the Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 took place in the Decentraland virtual world, together with Spatial and OVER metaverses, giving the global community a chance to experience the latest advancements in metaversal interoperability and digital fashion.

The event was a success, as it showcased a variety of luxury fashion brands and independent creators. 

And among them, VALACLAVA.

We brought the heat with two thrilling booths: Road to Vabylon and VALACLAVA x Call of Duty®, and we showed our latest collection - Road to Vabylon, presented during London Fashion Week 2023, on the Web3 Couture digital space by Exclusible x on Spatial. VALACLAVA also had the incredible Rozy.gram as the official model, showcasing our creations.

The Metaverse Fashion Week Event

This year, Metaverse Fashion Week took place from 28th to 31st of March and had people from all over the world gathered virtually with their avatars. 

Pioneered by Decentraland and UNXD, in collaboration with the Spatial and OVER metaverses, MVFW23 invited the global community to experience the latest advancements in metaversal interoperability and digital fashion.

The theme of MVFW23 was ‘Future Heritage’, a challenge to connect the next generation of creators and traditional fashion designers, showing the potential of fashion to bridge realities and worlds. 

The event shined a light on the fashion industry, proposing a diversity of aesthetics across metaverses, connecting innovation to tradition, and looking back to the great moments of fashion to build the future.

MVFW23 showcased a variety of luxury virtual and real-world fashion brands and independent creators focusing on NFTs as wearable assets.

Aside from the runway shows, Metaverse Fashion Week also hosted informative industry-focused panels and events, which explored the future of digital fashion, enabling platforms for emerging talent and accelerating sustainable practices in virtual fashion design.

Everyone who attended the event could easily access designer wearables and then purchase for their avatar to be just as fashionable. 


This year, the heart of Metaverse Fashion Week was the newly constructed Neo Plaza, designed to showcase Neo Designers, the next generation of fashion designers, in line with the theme of this year’s MVFW - ‘Future Heritage’. In addition to Neo Plaza, events and places of interest could also be found in the Luxury District, the new Organic Origins, Dragon City, and other areas throughout Genesis City. 

Exclusible, together with, started the activities of MVFW23 by contributing to the creation of a modern and necessary ecosystem on Web3 - the MVFW space of Exclusible that allowed visitors to enter an oasis designed by Polycount.

The event featured a range of activities and presentations, including exhibition areas such as showrooms, immersive fashion shows and discussion moments. There, we had the opportunity to showcase our VALACLAVA collections.

Our show was hosted on March 28th from 3pm to 3:30pm. There we unveiled our latest collection Road to Vabylon, featuring the works of talented artists and designers. We also had the opportunity to have Rozy.gram as our official model, showcasing our creations and pushing the boundaries of digital fashion.

Throughout MVFW23, we also had two booths on display: VALACLAVA x Call of Duty® and Road to Vabylon.

If you missed the chance to see us at Metaverse Fashion Week, check out our Instagram reels.

All About Road to Vabylon Collection

The rise of phygital fashion, paired with the challenges the fashion industry is currently facing, inspired our most recent collection, Road to Vabylon

We developed a renegade collection with limited product run, telling the first three chapters of our own narrative through three exclusive looks. 

We're the definition of merging the physical and digital fashion world. We took the physical stage at London Fashion Week, where our collection was revealed, and now the digital one at Metaverse Fashion Week. 

In both worlds, we're always on the Road to Vabylon.

Take the Road with us and explore the renegade collection here.

All About Call of Duty® Collection

We announced our first fashion drop in partnership with Call of Duty®, bringing four ultra-rare collectible garments to fans physically and digitally. The collection was officially launched in October 2022.

The partnership included the release of sleek gamewear apparel, including t-shirts, trousers, jackets and hoodies, with just 300 units of each piece being available to purchase.

Explore our Call of Duty® collection here.

The Future of Metaverse Fashion Week

Metaverse Fashion Week is a relatively new event, but its popularity is growing rapidly. As metaverse technology continues to advance, the event can also evolve and adapt to offer an even more immersive and interactive experience for attendees.

Overall, Metaverse Fashion Week has the potential to become a highly innovative and immersive fashion event as metaverse technology continues to evolve. The possibilities are endless, and it's exciting to think about what the future holds for this event and for immersive experiences in general.


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